The Hotel Fixer

The Hotel Fixer

Does your Hotel business need to...

  • Maximize Bookings
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Profits

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Are these the key things your business needs?

Maximize Bookings

The overall success of any Hotel, no matter the size or location is measured by its overall occupancy rate. I can help with key strategies designed to maximize the number and quality of your bookings

Reduce Costs

It's have often been said that a Pound saved is easier to find than making another Pound profit. I work with all my clients to ensure that thier costs are known, managed and structured to ensure that they maximize value.

Increase Profits

Once you have a great guest experience and you have all your costs of operation undercontrol. I turn my attection to developing the right strategy tpo maximise your profits to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

Jane was having the same problems...

"I always thought hiring a hotel consultant was just a waste of money but after a friend recommended The Hotel Fixer to me. I decided to gave it a shot, all I can says is WOW! During the FREE Call, I was given actionable advice that helped me see immediate results!"

• Jane Granville | Bath, Somerset.

I Can Also Help With:

Improving Marketing

This is definitely a challenge that gets harder as the years go by, and 2020 is no exception. Utilising online marketing that has relevant, targeted content is extremely important to drive potential guests to your website and, ultimately, to your hotel.

Building Reputation

Hotel guests are increasingly demanding and also more likely to give negative feedback on online rating sites when something goes wrong during their stay. You need an effective strategy to manage these reviews and handle the follow up.

Online Listings

Every prospective guest today will check out what the internet can tell them about you, your hotel and the experience previous guests - Do you know what you listings say, when did you last check if was not in the last few days it could be out of date.

About Darryl Saunders

Darryl has worked in many different hotels each one with a uniquely different set of issues and challenges that combine together to give Darryl the skills and experience to share with you as The Hotel Fixer.

He is a competent, focused and fully experienced manager, who's greatest strength is a strong commitment to creating the highest level of loyalty and service within all the hotel's he has worked with.

Secondly, his ability to develop and motivate key staff within all departments leads to improves in overall standards and guest experience. Along with seeking to identifying ways to improve efficiency & service.

As a part of his process he seeks to partner with the Hotel owner and understand their needs, goals and ambitions. Which when blended with consistant reviewing processes seeks to reduce overall costs and increase profits.

If you're tired of dealing with problems...and you would like a business with less stress and more profit.

The Hotel Fixer

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